[A Pathetic Little Story]

The problem with the two idiots who started the whole mess in Paradise, I mean, of course, Adam & Eve, is that they chose the wrong apple. Those two naked idiots chose the biggest, the shiniest, the best-looking apple on the tree. Instead of picking one of the little ones, one of the lesser apples, one of the less tempting apples, one of those that just hung there minding its own business, those two dumbasses reached way up the tree for the biggest apple, the shiniest, the juiciest, not aware that a worm, a big fat worm was living inside that apple.

The sneaky snake, of course, knew that there was a big fat worn inside the apple when he pointed with his venomous tongue to that big apple hanging way up in the tree, and whispered to Adam, that one, yes that big one up there, that's the one you want. Or was it Eve who plucked the apple? Eve or Adam, doesn't matter now. Yes, this one, said the sneaky snake, knowing all along that inside that big apple there was a big fat worm. A worm that wiggled like a snake. Yes, a worm imitating the snake inside the apple. A self-reflexive snake in the shape of a worm inside the apple. A worm symbol of the snake.

That's how it all started, with the snake, the apple, and the worm inside the apple. And Adam & Eve, those two jerks, swallowed the worm when they ate the apple. Or rather, one should say, Adam & Eve swallowed the symbolic snake when they ate the apple. And that's why everything is so messed up for us now.

Copyright © 1996 Raymond Federman